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Observatoire de la Migration de Mineurs – OMM
IR CNRS- MIGRINTER- Université de Poitiers
Entretiens video Migration Positive
Podcasts Migration Positive
“Deviance is a collection of conditions, persons, or acts that society disvalues, finds offensive, or condemns.” (Clinard & Meier, Sociology of deviant behavior, 2010, p. 6).

Ressources pédagogiques 

jeu et malette pédagogique Migr’ART: serious game Migr’Art

Socially productive artistic practices

Cultural Agent: on « combining arts and research in the service of civic development »
Pre-text: presentation by Doris Sommer
REshape: on “reshaping the value of art in the social fabric”
Who are we? A project about art, migration, politics and identity
PRESS PLAY 2019: on « creativity and research practices »
non lieux DE L’EXIL

Zeltschule (director Jacqueline Flory)

Methodologie de recherche

  • « Crocage de langue » : approche sensible (Anne Marie Dinveau)
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  • G. Guetemme “Using art to explore the heuristic experience of migration of refugee children”, in Social Work

Research Using Arts-Based Methods, ed. Ephrat Huss & Eltje Bos, Bristol, Policy Press, 2022, p. 102-116.

Art et migration

13 Artists On: Immigration – by
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